49: Rewind - Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview

Episode 49 September 17, 2022 01:15:34
49: Rewind - Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview
EdTech Examined
49: Rewind - Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview

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Erik Christiansen Kris Hans

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Today we’re re-releasing an interview we did with TALON - the Teaching and Learning Online Network, at the University of Calgary’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape.

Our interview was reworked and was recently published as a book chapter in “Voices from the Digital Classroom: 25 Interviews about Teaching and Learning in the Face of a Global Pandemic.” The book is available in print through the University of Calgary Press, and as a free online book.

In this interview we discuss online teaching strategies, including the value of preparation, communicating with students effectively, developing reusable resources, suggestions for collaboration software, and ‘netiquette.’ We also share our vision for the future of online learning. 


*New Book! Voices from the Digital Classroom
*Video interview with TALON
*UofC School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
*Mac McGinn (interviewer)


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