29: Futurecast

Episode 29 August 03, 2021 01:33:19
29: Futurecast
EdTech Examined
29: Futurecast

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Erik Christiansen Kris Hans

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This episode is all about the trends. Erik and Kris discuss news stories about how video editing skills are here to stay, making higher education more developmental, and eight challenges universities will face in the coming year. They also talk about Windows 365 and what it means for computing, Erik's Op-Ed about open educational resources (OER) in the Edmonton Journal, and how to "de-Google" and protect your privacy online.


*Forbes: Meet the Company Proving Two Big EdTech Trends
*Inside HigherEd: 6 Ways to Make Education More Developmental
*Forbes: 8 Reasons This Coming Year Could be the Hardest Yet for Higher Ed


Windows 365
*ZDNet - Mary Jo Foley
*Paul Thurrott

Edmonton Journal - Open educational resources would make post-secondary cots more affordable

EdTech Tips

*Forbes - Gmail alternatives

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