14: Efficiency vs. Performance. Mmhmm?

Episode 14 December 01, 2020 01:00:21
14: Efficiency vs. Performance. Mmhmm?
EdTech Examined
14: Efficiency vs. Performance. Mmhmm?

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Erik Christiansen Kris Hans

Show Notes

In this episode, Erik and Kris discuss the best search engines for finding open educational resources (OER), the writing apps Scrivener and Overleaf, the mmhmm video broadcasting software, and the new Apple Silicon-powered Macs.



What is the best OER search engine?
*OER Commons
*George Mason University OER Metafinder (MOM)


Erik's Tech Bytes blog post
*Apple's M1 chip: Making desktop computing cool again

Apple Silicon Macs and the M1 chip
*Daring Fireball, John Gruber
*Ars Technica hands-on
*Ars Technica interview with the Apple hardware team
*Six Colors

9to5 Mac: What will Apple Silicon mean for Apple’s education strategy

CNET: Apple's secret weapon in AR is right in front of us

Yahoo: Tencent to invest in Udemy

EdTech Tips

*Mmhmm broadcasting app
*Scrivener writing app
*Overleaf Latex writer

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