Special Episode: Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview

August 20, 2020 01:14:57
Special Episode: Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview
EdTech Examined
Special Episode: Teaching and Learning Online Network Interview

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Erik Christiansen Kris Hans

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In this special episode, Kris and Erik were interviewed by the Teaching and Learning Online Network (or TALON) at the University of Calgary€™s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape about their strategies for teaching online, including the importance of preparation, communicating with students effectively, developing reusable resources, suggestions for collaboration software, and 'netiquette.'
To learn more about TALON visit taloncloud.ca. You can see the full video interview on TALON's website or the EdTech Examined YouTube channel.
TALON website: https://taloncloud.ca/Kris-Hans-Erik-Christiansen
EdTech Examined YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/RIAOPa1L_Os
University of Calgary:  https://ucalgary.ca/
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape
Website:  https://sapl.ucalgary.ca/
Twitter:  twitter.com/ucalgarysapl
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Erik Christiansen
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Kris Hans
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Christopher Hoang
Audio Producer & Sound Engineer
Website:  chrishoang.ca

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