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18: Time Vampires

18: Time Vampires
EdTech Examined
18: Time Vampires

In this episode, Kris Hans and Chris Hoang discuss their productivity strategies including their habits and routines, their top technologies for staying organized, and their personal productivity goals for 2021.


Top productivity habits
*Time tracking
*One-touch rule
*Multiple task lists
*Weekly plans
*Starting the day with simple tasks (i.e. make the bed)
*Separate work and play spaces at home (if possible)

The essential (and inessential) tech tools
*Digital calendar (colour coding, time blocking, embedded tasks, etc.)
* Screen time tracker (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)
* Content site blocker (tracking most visited sites)
* Remove unnecessary apps
*Cloud storage that syncs quickly (Dropbox, iCloud, etc.)
*Project management software (Basecamp, Trello)

Goals for 2021
*Deliberate time blocking (for writing)
*Scheduling work and play
*Social media (aka 'digital minimalism' detox)
*Disabling notifications whenever possible
*Deleting social media

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Erik Christiansen, Co-Founder & Co-Host
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